But you’re right I probably am destined to be by myself because I don’t feel like I connect with many people and I feel different than most and I’ve always been that way; all my life.
I make friends easily but I’ve never fit in.
One in 8 billion. But still feel alone.
I’m broken and bitter. A stigma
Is it selfish to have so much and yet feel like you have still have nothing
I’m damaged goods
I want to run away to nowhere, somewhere.
Can I Morph into you for one night
Drink to subsides my sorrow to feel alive and escape the feeling
Betrayed by most; trust is non existent these days. Loyalty is faded. Passion is gone.

Surfing and catching those way.. Used to be a way of living for me. But then you came and changed everything. Made me feel whole again. But not entirely satisfied with what my life really needed. I thought it was you. But after a while I realized that same feeling came back. Here I am in the same space… I’m still lost.


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